Category: serif, decorative License: donationware Accents: no Ligature: no

Font: Festival Budaya XXXI

Category: serif, decorative
License: donationware
Accents: no
Ligature: no

Festival Budaya (means culture festival) is known as the biggest and oldest cultural event in Universitas Indonesia. Held by the students of Faculty of Humanities, this event brings carnival, theater, and installation competitions, as well as a music concert, each year. It is the only event in which you can find a theater performance marathon in a day by 15 different study programs, which is incredible!
If you are in the town during November/December, don't miss the vibe! kindly go to the event, it's totally free, and totally worthy!
(P.S.: if you want to take a glance, here are some of their social media channels: twitter, instagram)

It was my honor to have an opportunity to take a role in the 31st Festival Budaya as a man behind the designs. With Puji Rahajeng, the one and only partner in the division of design, I tried to create a visual identity fitting the theme, which is fairytale. And this is it! After some revisions, we got this font as the logo. I made this font serif and bold to represent the firmness and strength of a kingdom, which we think is a basic element of every fairytale.

Personally, this is one of my favorite fonts, especially for the letter S. Feel free to download it here and don't forget to give a good feedback if you like it.


  1. I LOVE this font! I used it for a logo for a friends honey farm.

  2. Hello Marsnev!
    After I saw thousands and thousands of typographies, this font is our favorite for our logo (for tattoo studio) I try to investigate if it is a free typo or I must pay for use. I don't want use it without your permission, but my english is not very good ... So, I need to know if I can use or where to pay for your marvelous font! Thank you so much from spain! :)

  3. Sent a donation..Love it will be making a sign with this! it's gorgeous!